So, over the last 10-12 months I’ve gained back 10 lbs. Even with working out regularly and eating pretty decently. I believe it all relates back to the fact I have not had a full night’s sleep in about a year and a half. Not a single one. On the VERY best nights I’m up 2x a night. There have been nights I’ve been up five hours in a row. On an average night I’m probably up 4x ranging from 10-40 minutes. It’s brutal. I’m under a high amount of stress in general.

It’s extremely frustrating and additionally stressful to feel as though no matter how hard I workout, I’m not going to lose weight while I can’t sleep. Not sure what to do about this monster child. I shouldn’t say that.. he is a sweet baby, but I could have never imagined in my worst nightmares living this life of no sleep. It’s a hell I wouldn’t wish on anybody. Blah. We will be finally taking him for a sleep study soon - it’s our very last resort. Maybe we’ll figure something out. Wish me luck. I’m tired of feeling like a fat ass cow. :(